Adoption Fundraising

Adoption Fundraising

Adoption is a special calling that is very close to our hearts at Rohi, partially because we have felt and answered the call to adopt ourselves, and it has been the biggest blessing of our lives. We understand firsthand the fears and concerns that come along with the adoption process, and we feel it is our job to help simplify that path for others if we can. Read along for info about adoption fundraising with Rohi. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly via the contact form here or by email, we would LOVE to hear your story or share ours with you if that helps!


So how does an adoption fundraiser work?

This will be the simplest part of your adoption, just apply, design, and sell! Apply online in minutes! Once accepted as a fundraising partner you can choose one of our designs and tweak it a little or start with a fresh idea we’ll draw out for you. Then sell using a coupon code on our website or order a bulk order and sell them yourself. If you order from our website we will help you set the price and will handle the printing and shipment of each tee for you. Your donation check will be sent out after the fundraiser closes.


Fundraising FAQ


How do I apply?

Fill out our easy online application here! 

How do people buy the shirts?

There are two options for your fundraiser sales. First, once we settle on a style and design you’re happy with you can place a bulk order (minimum of 12) shirts, which we will print and ship directly to you. From there you can set your prices and sell yourself, in person or on your social media accounts.

Option two involves less work on your part, because we’ll handle the selling and shipping for you. We will set up a fundraiser info page and product description on our website telling about your trip. We will also set you up with a specific coupon code (i.e. JAKEGOESTOGHANA) that will tell us which sales are for your fundrasier. Your online sell will run for two weeks, and in that time your job is to spread the word and send people to the site and fundraiser any way you can. At the end of that two week time period, we will print and ship the shirts and tally the sales attributed to your coupon code. You will receive your agreed upon amount for each shirt sold using your code. This is great because you can benefit from any visitor to our site who could choose to support your tee, even if you don't know them personally!

What shirt will I use?

You can use one of our original Rohi designs for your fundraiser if you'd like, or if you have an idea or design on your heart for your journey we’re also willing to work with you on a new design specifically for your fundraiser. If we have to do extensive design work to get a print-ready piece, this could delay the start date of your fundraiser, but we want it to speak to you and your family, so it’ll be worth it!

We can print on any color tee and style you choose, whether short or long sleeve, sweatshirt, or hoodie!

How do I get my donation?

We can only send donations to approved charitable organizations or non-profit adoption agencies. If you choose the option to sell from our website rather than through placing a bulk order, we can only make the donation check to a church or directly to your adoption agency in your honor. If you are not using an agency for your adoption, you can still choose the option to fundraise by placing a bulk order at the discounted fundraising price and sell them yourself to your co-workers, family, and friends!

Who is eligible for Rohi adoption fundraising?

All adoption fundraising applications are prayerfully considered and answered according to what we believe the Lord directs us to do. In accordance with our beliefs, we can only support married, heterosexual couples (one father and one mother) who are looking to adopt. If you are a single parent looking to adopt, please apply and tell us your story and we will see how we can help you as well.

How much money can I make per shirt?

Depending on the style of shirt you choose you can markup the price as you choose. We have recommended prices if you’re selling in person and if you prefer to choose to sell from our website we will set prices according to our sales experience. We recommended selling short sleeve tees for $25, long sleeve for $28-30, and hoodies or sweatshirts for $35 for your fundraiser.

Do I have to pay up front for my shirts?

If you choose to go the first route and order a bulk order, yes, you must pay the fundraiser price for each tee before we ship them to you.

How long does the fundraiser last?

If you sell through our website using the coupon code option, once the design and style details are set and the technical aspects are locked in, your sale will run for two weeks (14 days.) 

When will I get my donation?

If you choose to sell through our website, your donation will be calculated and sent to your adoption agency within 2-4 weeks of the fundraiser close. No donation checks will be sent to an individual. If you do not have an agency for your adoption, you should consider our bulk order option instead.