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Fundraising with Rohi

We’re here to make your next fundraiser as simple as possible! At this time we are only accepting applications for mission trip fundraiser and adoption fundraisers. Applications are reviewed twice each month and you will be notified whether we can take on your fundraiser or not. 

Fundraising is really easy with Rohi Clothing! You can move from application to finished fundraiser in just four steps and a few short weeks!

Step 1: Apply online.

For mission trip fundraising, click here. For adoption fundraising, click here.

Step 2: Design your shirt.

Choose one of our popular designs and we’ll help you tweak it for your project, or we can work on a brand new design that fits your fundraiser best.


You can choose to sell through our website or to place a bulk order and sell them yourself, in person. If you choose to sell through our website, the fundraiser will run for two consecutive weeks (14 days). Your fundraiser will be set up with a unique coupon code, and anyone purchasing your tee or using the code on our site will add to your fundraiser total. Your donation check will be calculated and sent 2-4 weeks after your fundraiser closes if you choose to sell through our website.

4. Get out there and serve!

After your fundraiser ends, take your tees and set off on your journey! Make sure to tag us in your photos and keep us updated on your progress so we can continue to support you in prayer!

For more information about each fundraising type, click the photo below!

Mission Trip Fundraising
Adoption Fundraising




For more information:

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