Be the Light

Be the Light

Our first official Rohi Devotion is finally here! We are so excited about #devoday, and can't wait to grow this part of our brand and our story. We will be sending weekly devotions to spread encouragement and hope to our tribe, and we're so thankful you're a part of that! Let's get started!!



Be The Light

Devo. No. 1

It seems like all we ever hear when we turn on the TV or the radio these days is bad news. Announcers speak of shootings, death, and suffering on such a daily basis that it probably would catch us by surprise if they had a positive message to share for once! Do you ever feel like the darkness in the world is just TOO big? Or do you ever wonder if one little person can make a difference in all the bad that’s out there?

Darkness is a difficult thing to describe, though. What’s crazy is that darkness isn’t really a “thing” at all, it’s actually the ABSENCE of a something, light! According to the dictionary, darkness is “the partial or total absence of light,” so technically it only takes one tiny speck of light to make darkness disappear. Even the light from one tiny match flame turns “dark” into “light!”


This is what is so important here… In Matthew 5:14 the Bible says that “Ye are the light of the world,” so we, as Christians, are the “light.” Matthew 5 continues on to say “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Here Jesus calls us to live our testimony and our life so that our light might drive away the darkness and the evil in the world around us, and in turn point others to the light of Christ.


Rohi Clothing is still a small, new business,  but even our little company can have a big impact if we use our circle and our products to spread the light. Even though we might feel like one tiny little match flame against all the darkness in the world, our little light can spark the flame in others, and together our “flame” and our testimony grows stronger and brighter!


That’s all we’re after here. We’re just a clothing store (with some really great fans), trying to be a little light in a big world. So be a light today, friends. Wherever you are and whatever your schedule holds, speak kind words, share a smile, and be a light for HIM.


One last thing.

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