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He Knows My Name

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He Knows My Name

Devo. No. 5


Each night this weekend I snuck outside to stare at the sky for a few minutes at a time, hoping to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower that was supposed to be visible in the dark sky. As I stared up into the clear, deep darkness above me the immense size and depth of our universe absolutely takes my breath away. To think that in just one day, the God of the universe created all of those beautiful, twinkling lights really puts into perspective his omnipotent power, don’t you think?? 

Read the story of creation in Genesis, here. 

It is amazing think that the same God, who created such magnificent things as sun, stars, and moon in Genesis 1 saw a need to create you and I as well. Just like His plan needed light and darkness and day and night, it also needed me— and you! If that’s not enough to make you realize you were created intentionally, perfectly according to His plan, and with a great purpose on this Earth, I honestly don’t know what will.


Friend, just like He placed each star in it’s place in the night sky, God placed you perfectly in His plan. He made you to shine brightly and uniquely, as only you can. He took the time to create you, and He is intimately familiar with every hair on your head and every breath you take. God knows you, and He loves you, really loves you! The omnipotent, omnipresent Alpha and Omega knows your name!

There’s a sweet song by the McCraes that perfectly captures this exact thought. The lyrics read:



He Knows My Name, by the McRaes

He counts the stars one and all

He knows how much sand is on the shores

He sees every sparrow that falls

He made the mountains and the seas

He's in control of everything

Of all creatures great and small


And He knows my name

Every step that I take

Every move that I make

Every tear that I cry

He knows my name

When I'm overwhelmed by the pain

And can't see the light of day

I know I'll be just fine

'Cause He knows my name


I hope that you’ll give God a chance to amaze you, with just how BIG He is, and yet how much He really cares for the smallest, most intimate details of your life and desires of your heart. He knows your name. He created you and I with intention and with a purpose. He made the sun, moon, and stars, and yet He still knows you by name! Praise Him!!

Listen to “He Knows My Name”


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