Faith and Promises

Faith and Promises

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Faith and Promises

Devo. No. 3

Last week we talked a little bit about having mustard seed faith, and today’s devotion falls right in line with that same thought! It’s something we hear about all the time in songs on the radio or at church, but it isn’t always as simple as we wish to have and exercise strong faith…


Sometimes God puts things in our path to test that faith, to see just how strong we really are. It’s not that God wants us to fail, but He’s trying to build our “faith muscles” so we’re strong in HIM. Think about how a coach makes his players exercise and train so they’re ready for a big game. It’s the same thing with God and our faith!

Imagine how Abraham must have felt when God presented him with one of these “training exercises,” when God told Abraham to leave his home family and move to a strange land. Genesis says that God told Abraham to go  “....unto a land that I will shew thee, and I will make of the a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make they name great; and thou shalt be a blessing.”

All Abraham had to do was have faith and trust God’s promise.  Easy peasy. Right?


If only it was that easy!  Abraham obeyed God and left his home to go to the land that God had promised him.  On the way to the promised land of Canaan, though, things were not so easy for Abraham and his family.  They were faced with famine, hardships, family problems, marital problems, and even money problems!


Yet still, God made a promise.  He promised Abraham that He was going to bless him with with everything including a son and generations to follow.  Even though the path to Canaan was hard and filled with trouble at times, Abraham’s faith was strong. Abraham was faithful, and because of his faith, he was able to see God’s promise.  


In your own life, you may hear God whisper a promise to you.  Maybe at first, you don’t believe your heart because it’s something you have always dreamed about like a spouse or a child.  Maybe you’ve prayed for healing, and it hasn’t come. Yet, God whispers His promise, and with His promise, our faith becomes hope.  Our heart knows that God is capable of everything He says. Our soul believes that God can provide when nothing else can, and our hope is eternal.  


You may not quite yet be able to see over the horizon from the valley where God has you at this moment.  Find your courage, and press on. Trust in His word.

God has promised you blessings, and your Cannan is just ahead!



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