Faith Moves Mountains

Faith Moves Mountains


Faith Moves Mountains

Devo. No. 2

A big problem requires a big solution. That makes sense, right? Like in the Bible, when the Israelites were preparing to battle Goliath and the Philistine army, they gathered together all the soldiers they could for battle and stood against the Philistines with the full strength of their army. That’s not always how God works though, not all big problems require such a big answer. He didn’t need a massive army to take down the giant, Goliath. God just needed five little stones and a little shepherd named David…


A mustard seed, though, is even smaller than the stone David threw, much smaller actually. Something so small probably seems insignificant, but not in the hands of a mighty God! In the book of Matthew, the Bible says "If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you” (Matt. 17:20).


Everyday we face problems and challenges that seem huge, and if we try to fix them ourselves, they just  seem to grow larger and larger.  When we try to carry the weight of these challenges and burdens ourselves, it compounds more and more until it feels like the weight of the world (or a mountain) is sitting on our shoulders.


The good news is, we don’t have to solve things on our own or have the answers for all of our problems. God wants us to go to Him and rely on Him to work things out for us, even things that may seem too small or trivial to bother Him with, He truly cares about!


***Honesty check, this is where I have to tell you that I struggle with this very thing all the time.  I think that my problems are too trivial for God to care about, so rather than pray about them I just jump straight into trying to fix them.  Maybe I do pray and tell God my problems, and I say that I’m going to trust Him and leave it with Him, but then I pick them right back up and worry myself to death over them. That’s not how faith is supposed to work though...***


Jesus said faith the size of that tiny mustard seed is enough to move mountains, but when we don’t take our burdens to Him and leave them there, we tell Him that we don’t have enough faith to really believe He can answer. That shouldn’t be the case. The God that set the stars in place and causes the sun to rise and set everyday knows MY name and He knows YOUR name. He loves us enough to care about the smallest things we worry about, and He is BIG enough to move all of our “mountains!”


Next time you’re worrying about something, take it to the throne instead. Leave your problems with Jehovah-rohi, the Good Shepherd, and watch Him move those mountains for you!

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